Art work style

The style used is a digital "bleaching" of photos. Subjects are mainly ordinary working people who like the effects used. Night and indoor scenes form the main work while in the U.K. and has included local musicians.

Use of revenue generated from exhibitions and sales

  • Women's village groups in developing countries.
  • Implementation through locally based NGOs and organizations.
  • Priority for access to information and support for stakeholder selected activities.
  • Initially support for one village in each of three countries (Tanzania, Vietnam, and Ethiopia).
  • Monitoring by the stakeholders.
  • Networking with other relevant organizations.
  • Feedback on web site.

The artist

The son of a farmer, born in Kenya, the artist developed a love for Africa and its people. After graduating in Horticulture in the U.K. he moved in 1969 to reside and work on agricultural development in 9 developing countries first the Pacific (Fiji), then S.E. Asia and Africa.

Often living in remote areas, this gave an opportunity for insight and understanding of rural people, their culture and some of their developmental problems.

Digital photography became a hobby in 2004, with a first exhibition in Vietnam, May 2006.

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